Was Steam Stats Modifier Seriously Cheating?

Monday , 20, November 2017 Leave a comment

While it truly is legitimate that Valve like a firm may make any conclusion they need regarding how men and women participate in their game titles, free steam gift card several gamers disagree with how they managed to choose a recent incident with the Steam Stats Modifier TF2 idler system created by Drunken F00l.

Tony “Drunken F00l” Paloma is really a programmer who has produced several factors to assist the community of Valve video game gamers for instance SourceOP, a 50 percent Existence two plugin, his common SourceOP TF2 servers, along with the TF2 Backpack Examiner. His intention with SteamStats Modifier was just a different technique to enable TF2 players, not a way to “cheat” anything at all.

This system didn’t hack the technique or spoof items in almost any way. It simply created a means for players logging into their Steam accounts who currently owned the sport TeamFortress 2 a way to idle for product drops within the Valve servers with out opening TF2. This meant you can idle whilst you did other systems on your own personal computer. Steam Buddies would even now show you as playing the sport and you also had been connected to actual servers owned by Drunken F00l.

So what are your ideas? Was the program a “cheat”? Does one think that those who used it were being cheating? When you utilized it, did you’re feeling such as you were cheating? The program didn’t give everyone anything they would not have gotten from sitting down on an idle server in-game for your identical time period. You still needed to hold out for that entirely random drops and plenty of folks applied this system and by no means acquired any hats, nevertheless ended up however labeled permanently as cheaters.

The program is long gone now and Valve has built their issue. However, lots of players feel just how they chose to help make their issue displays some thing regarding the integrity and professionalism of the corporation. Quite a few players say they will not rely on Valve exactly the same anymore and many absolutely boycott Valve video games as a result of the style during which this case was handled.

Most players agree that Valve has the best to ban any third party system they pick out and many agree that they had the correct to remove the hats together with other goods attained from utilizing the program. What most players experienced a difficulty with was the label of “cheater”. What does one consider?

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